Graduation from a 300-hour herbal program 


Ability to show equivalent training

*Students are expected to know anatomy and physiology, medicine making skills, and demonstrate a good working materia medica, all of which can be learned in our Holistic Herbalism Program. If students do not have a background in basic Chinese medicine, there are a few courses we can suggest to help get you prepared for this class.


Applications will open July, 2019


The first year of this program focuses on holistic assessment skills, pathology and client care. The second year is a student clinic. In the clinical program, you'll learn to blend Chinese medicine principles with Western herbal medicine for a truly planetary approach to herbalism.

We will cover traditional diagnostic strategies and treatment protocols, balanced with a holistic view of how a client-practitioner relationship should be.


We teach an embodied and intuitive approach to interaction with clients combined with modern science and traditional ways.

I truly love this program. For the cost, it offered me way more than I was expecting. I got to travel and have field studies where I got to see, touch and taste the plants we were learning. I was taught how to make medicine balms, tinctures and teas, and experience different studies of medicine like Chinese. I'm very satisfied from this life-changing moment in my life, not just in medicine but in community. BRSHM has allowed me to start a new book of life. A new chapter has began and it shall be continued ever more.

- Anonymous Student


  • How to interview and learn a client's medical history

  • The pathophysiology of the major body systems along with assessment skills, patterns of imbalance and treatment protocols

  • Holistic diagnostic skills such as reading the face, Chinese pulse and tongue assessment, and interpreting client responses

  • A deeper understanding of plants and their uses 

  • Low-dose botanicals

  • Herbalist counseling skills

  • Business skills

  • Clinic observation

  • Student Clinic

  • Herb-Drug Interactions

  • “Red Flags” (Signs you should refer out)

  • Scope of practice

  • Trauma Informed Care

  • Research skills

  • Dispensing skills

  • Working with gender non-conforming and trans people

  • Living as an empath

  • Consent issues and appropriate boundaries in the client-practitioner relationship

  • Intake and consent forms

  • Understanding and working with food allergies

  • Chronic inflammation

  • Understanding the effects of chronic stress on disease

  • Working with complicated conditions such as auto-immune conditions, lyme disease, insulin resistance and cancer

  • Understanding neuro-diversity and working with neuro-divergent people

  • Common pharmaceuticals and their effects

Register for Advanced Clinical 2019

Class size is limited to 22 people, so reserve your spot!








March 4, 2019 - October 15, 2020



Wednesday 9 AM - 4 PM

Thursday     9 AM - 4 PM



Application Deadline: March 1st



(Due January 1, 2020)


$600 deposit 

(Non-refundable & goes towards total tuition)


$100 application fee

(Non-refundable & does not go towards total tuition)


Payment plans available with additional $200



Tuition for Year 1 = $4,400

Tuition for Year 2 = $3,400


Any student who chooses to withdraw...


  • Before the first day of class and has already paid their full tuition, will receive a refund of their full tuition minus their deposit.

  • Within the first 21 days of class, will receive a 50% refund of their tuition.

  • After 21 days of class, will not be provided a refund.